Glowing Scorpions for Museums

Naturally Glowing Scorpions

Introducing the latest line from Entosense – The Edible Glowing Scorpion Kit.

The Graphic shown here is the header used for zoos and museums.

Yes, scorpions glow under a black light – naturally.

The kit contains three real Manchurian Scorpions dried and preserved in salt along with a black light flashlight. Yes, dried they still glow almost as bright as living scorpions. It’s impressive. In fact, that is how they are collected in many cases. Insect farms and wild harvesters wear black light head lamps which makes it easy to find glowing scorpions.

“Glowing Scorpions” are packaged with a header and hanger hole for universal displays. The back of the package contains fun facts and a bar code.

Have fun. Amaze your friends. Watch them glow and then eat them.

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